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I have come to realize I hate boys, they’ll either break your heart or they fall in love with you when you’re not in love with them. I seem to have that effect of people and make them fall in love with me really fast. But the one I fell in love with waited to tell me he loved me, more than a week.



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So I needed a place to write things down that not many people see. I hate myself. I wish I didn’t do the things I did even though we see them happening differently. I know nothing I could say will ever make you change you’re mind. I’m done making excuses for them and all I have to say is I’m sorry. I can’t take them back and I can’t change what happened so all I can do is tell you I’m sorry and move on and hope you take it into consideration. I do hope that some day we can be together again. You are my true love. My heart belongs to you and no one else. You have taken my heart and I don’t want you to give it back. It’s yours forever. All I can do is give you time and maybe it will help us. If it doesn’t and you move on I guess I’ll have to move on but you’ll still always have the majority of my heart. I do love you, with all my heart, no matter what you think. You have been one of the best things that have happened in my life and there are not many. So if you ever read this I hope this lets you know how I will always feel ever after death.



Oh em gee a post!

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So I know I haven’t posted in a while so I’m not going to go that far back in my life. My mom is a bitch, but we all knew that already. Josh has been staying with me for almost 2 weeks and he hasn’t taken a shower! Ew! I might have him take a shower tonight. I hope he does becasue that is really gross. But other than that not much going on. Just parties.

Stolen from

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Researchers in Sweden have found that homosexuality can be spotted in the brain.

You, see, it’s something you’re born with, bitches!

Scientist at the Karolinska Institute have spent time studying the scans of 90 straight and gay men and women. What they found was that the size of the two symmetrical halves of the brains of gay men resembled the brain of straight women.

In heterosexual women and gay men, the two halves of the brain are pretty much the same size. But in straight men, the right hemisphere is slightly larger.

And oddly enough, the brains of homosexual women were asymmetrical, just like those of straight men.

So, basically, it boils down to straight women and gay men have similar brain shapes. As do straight men and gay women.

Researches are still not certain what the differences in the brain shapes mean though.

Dr. Eric Vilain, professor of human genetics at UCLA says, “The big question has always been, if the brains of gay men are different, or feminized, as earlier research suggests then is it just limited to sexual preference or are there other regions that are gender atypical in gay males? For the first time, in this study it looks like there are regions of the brain not directly involved in sexuality that seem to be feminized in gay males.”

He continues, “We know from studies that men, regardless of their sexual orientation, retain masculine characteristics when it comes to their sexual behavior. So I expect that some regions of the brain will remain masculine even in gay men.”

Now the question to me is, how are bisexual people’s brains?

Thing that have been going on

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Well let’s see. I have just been going to parties mostly with Sierra, who is here right now. Getting a new bottle of mascara makes her happy! We are going to the circle tonight after we go see a friend. My future plans are going to Havasu and going to see the movie Wanted. That is all.


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I am currently waiting for Sierra to come over so we can watch The Eye and I am thinking of what to get James for his birthday to send with Cat. Maybe I should send him the tire I found at the party last night.

Happy Birthday James

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Happy 18th Birthday James! Go get your license, go buy something that you can only buy when you are 18, and you can now be charged with stachatory rape in America! I’d buy you something if I had the money but if you come back with Cat I’ll get you something or I might send her with it.