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Best game ever!

Posted in Games, Interesting things. on April 29, 2006 by Phillip Werner

Plasma Pong kicks ass cool music too. Heres the link. Plasma Pong.



Posted in Interesting things. on April 29, 2006 by Phillip Werner

I am going to Phoenix tomorrow and I updated my psp

Story for Staci

Posted in Friends, Interesting things. on April 23, 2006 by Phillip Werner

(18:24:18) Billy G Pwns: Staci’s mind says…..
“Awww, Miguel… you’re so sweet…” I looked at him. Damn, is he gorgeous. I wrap my arms around his neck. I start to move my face closer to his. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him very bad. I think he gets this message. We move closer to each other untill… it happens. Our lips are touching. It’s happening. I, not able to control myself, open my mouth and thrust my tounge inside. He doesn’t seem to mind, as he does the same. We sit there, making out, for what seems like hours. I put my hand on his crotch. I think he’s enjoying this…
(21:07:34) Billy G Pwns: (18:24:38) Billy G Pwns: [continued] I think he gets the message I’m trying to convey to him. He undoes my bra and takes it off, and then he removes my top. So here I am, with boobs flying everywhere, making out with a really sexy guy. I thought “Hey, that’s not fair. He needs to take some clothes off, too!” So I take off his shirt. Ahh… sexy. I stop making out with him and start kissing all over his chest. I lay him down on the bed and kiss all over him.
(21:07:41) Billy G Pwns: lmao (22:49:38) Swabi!: boobs*
(21:07:47) Swabi!: oh dear god lmao
(21:07:48) Billy G Pwns: (18:25:02) Billy G Pwns: I undo his pants and take them off. So now he’s down to his boxers. And he’s really, really sexy. So now I’m extremely turned on by this guy, so I decide to turn these kisses into licks. I start licking all over him. Apparently he’s a bit ticklish! He giggles. “Staci! Quit that, it tickles!” he says with a laugh. That only makes me want to do it more.
(21:07:53) Billy G Pwns: (18:25:14) Billy G Pwns: So I think I should help him get rid of that huge thing in my face. I take his boxers off and go down on him. [snip]
After that’s all done, he takes off my remaining clothes and lays me down on the bed. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks. I smile nervously and say “Yeah. Let’s do this.”
So he positions himself between my legs. He asks again “Are you really sure? Because if you don’t want to do this, it’s okay. I don’t want to hurt you.”
I say a mental ‘fuck it’. “Yeah. I’m positive. Now come ON, let’s do this!!”
(21:07:57) Billy G Pwns: (18:25:22) Billy G Pwns: Well, he listened. In he goes. I was expecting pain. Lots of it.
Is there pain?
Fuck no.
I feel this wave of pleasure run throughout my body. I can’t believe how good this feels. I pull him down on top of me and kiss the SHIT out of him. I try not to do the cliche moaning thing. It’s hard. “Miguel… oh go-god… it feels… reallyreallyREALLYgood…”
(21:08:05) Billy G Pwns: (18:25:32) Billy G Pwns: So we’re going at it like CRAZY. I swear we went all night. In my room, the bathroom, the closet… everywhere!
After a few hours, we’re finally done. After countless orgasms, we collapse on my bed, breathing heavily, and giggling. “Miggy… we have got to do that again. That was fun!”
He cuddles up next to me. “Sure, Staci. If you’re up to it!” he said with a wink.
(18:25:38) Billy G Pwns: the end
(21:08:18) Billy G Pwns: (18:28:48) Billy G Pwns: It’s the next day. I’ve hid Miguel in my closet from my dad. I’m waiting for him to go out of town or something, which he has to do today. Miguel seems extremely bored and is constantly complaining about how he doesn’t even have enough room to jerk off. “Just chill out, sweetie!” I kick the closet door. “Aww,” he whined, “but I’m so bored!”
I let out a loud sigh. I kick the door again. I play some heavy metal. “There, now you have some music.” I said to him. I hear him groan. “But I don’t like this song!”
(21:08:22) Billy G Pwns: I kick the door again.
(21:08:28) Billy G Pwns: (18:29:48) Billy G Pwns: So after hours of this, my dad and his girlfriend finally leave to do whatever. Miguel jumps out of the closet like he’s just been let out of prison.
(21:08:34) Billy G Pwns: (18:32:48) Billy G Pwns: I waste no time. I grab Miguel’s face and start making out with him. He pushes me onto my bed. I stop kissing him and laugh. “So we’re gonna do it again?” I asked.
He gave me a naughty smile. “Of course!” He then took of his clothes, and I took off mine. “Wait,” I said, “we need to try something different.”
He had no idea what I had planned for him.
(21:08:40) Billy G Pwns: (18:35:21) Billy G Pwns: “Stay here,” I told him. I went into the kitchen and got everything I could find. Bananas, cucumbers, even a few potatoes. I dug around the house and found some duct tape, which would be great for what I had planned. I go back into my room with a bag full of stuff. Miguel looks a bit frightened. “Over, on your stomach. Now,” I demanded.
He rolled over onto his stomach. I got out the duct tape and taped his hands behind his head. I leaned down and whispered into his ear “This is going to be fun, okay honey?”
It was going to be fun indeed.
(21:08:53) Billy G Pwns: (18:40:30) Billy G Pwns: I rolled him back over onto his back. I wanted to get him as horny as possible. I started kissing all over him. Lightly. He couldn’t stand it. He was already hard, and this wasn’t helping at all. I lightly stroked his huge cock. He let out a gasp. “Staci… damn it. PLEASE! Don’t stop…” Of course, after he said that, I stopped. I straddled him and started kissing his neck. He started giggling. “Damn it Staci, you know I’m ticklish there!”
(21:09:02) Billy G Pwns: I laughed. “Yep, and that’s why I’m doing it!” He seemed like he was going to explode.
(21:09:07) Billy G Pwns: (18:44:06) Billy G Pwns: He then noticed that some cucumbers fell out of the bag of stuff. “Hey… what are you going to do to me with those?!” he asked, scared.
I laughed. I went over and got a cucumber and started eating it. “Oh, they were for me in case I got hungry!” I smiled at him evilly. I scared him to death with those for nothing.
Anyways, I continued torturing him. I started licking him all over, slowly going down where his huge, throbbing cock was. He seriously could not stand this.
(21:09:16) Billy G Pwns: (18:47:04) Billy G Pwns: “Staci!! Please! Do something. This is painful. I’m going to die.” Uh-oh. he gave me the puppy-dog eyes. I couldn’t help myself. I ’sat down’ on him and relieved him of his painful hard-on. “OH STACI THANK YOU!”
This was better than the first time. It felt so wonderful, I wanted to do it all week. “Oh GOD MIGUEL! It just feels so GOOD!! YES!!!” I screamed in pleasure. Thank god nobody was home.
(21:09:20) Billy G Pwns: (18:48:27) Billy G Pwns: Hours passed, and we were finally tired. After zillions of orgasms, I rolled off of him and undid the duct-tape bondage. Then we got all cuddly and watched the Home Shopping Network until my dad got back home. Back in the closet Miguel went!


Posted in Computer Related Stuff on April 18, 2006 by Phillip Werner

I got my Nvidia card today! I was so happy but the lady that sent it put tons of tape on it so it was a bitch to get open. My friend Staci got Ubuntu Brezzy Badger to work but she can’t get xgl working. So now i got my Nvidia card so I can now save money to buy RAM.


Posted in Computer Related Stuff on April 16, 2006 by Phillip Werner

My cousins turned off my computer again with out shuting down and it fucked up my network card only on Linux. I don’t think Linux likes it when my computer is abruptly truned off and it says haha I am going to fuck up your network card. So I asked my mom if she still had the recpet and she said maybe so if she dose we are going to go to Cottonwood sometime and get a Linksys like Cat and maybe Linux will like it then.


Posted in Computer Related Stuff on April 16, 2006 by Phillip Werner

I am finally getting a Nvidia card it is exactly like Cats but PCI.


Posted in Interesting things. on April 14, 2006 by Phillip Werner

Okay i was going to pull a Staci and go listen to my PSP outside well my cousin Art came out and he was going to go on the hammock( I was on the little swing thing) and the hammock had a big hole in it so I was trying to figure out why my remote for my PSP would not work the I hear this big ripping sound I look over and see Art almost on the ground.He was held up by a few strands of the hammock then here I am so bye.