Ubuntu Is Back!

I got my Ubuntu back! Okay here is the story. Kelsie (my cousin) and her friend were on my computer in my room. I walk in and they are on Ubuntu on myspace. I told them to get off and they said no so I went and told my mom and she didn’t do anything and then they turned my computer off the back on when it started Ubuntu they truned it off again and did this several more times. I asked them why they did that and they said they wanted to go into windows and I told them that th ey could not go on my computer so they turned it off from the wall socket.

I pluged every thing back in and started up into Ubuntu and tried to check my email it would not work so I tried to go on gaim and it would not work. So I just went onto Windows and the Internet worked perfect so I decide to go to bed and maybe it would work in the morning. I wake-up and Kelsie and her friend have gone home thank god I thought. So I start up my computer and go into Ubuntu still no Internet. So I go back into Windows and I uninstall Ubuntu then reinstall it. Internet still did not work.

So I say fuck it and stay on Windows for about a week. Then today (by today I mean April 7th) my best l33t friend Cat comes over to help me. She tries everything for Ubuntu it did not work still. So we installed SuSE, Yoper, and Fedora 4. Still Internet still did not work on them. So Cat said my network card might be screwed up so we went and traded my dad for his and Internet worked on Linux again! So here I am on Ubuntu happy again that I have my Linux and Windows.

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