Okay so anyways I woke up to this. Art was mad because his mom was making him work to get the jeep he wants painted. So he got all pissed off at her saying shes a fucking bitch who dose nothing for them. So now all of her kids are against her. So she is going to make them go live with there dad for a couple of weeks which is marvelous because hes right down the road from us. So my mom was trying to figure out what happened and Art started to say I don’t want the fucking jeep and shit. So even though I don’t like my aunt that much I still felt sorry for her and she was crying. Her kids are shitheads sure I’m mean to my mom but I don’t make her cry that’s just messed up. But now their dad doesn’t want to take them because he wants to get paid for it which is also fucked up. So yeah they are staying here tonight but hopefully leaving tomorrow.


One Response to “Fighting”

  1. That’s some fucked up shit there.
    I would kick Art’s ass if I were you.

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