Things from today and yesterday.

I am talking to Cat who’s Blog I just got done reading. I think she should go out with our friend Cory as long as she dosen’t forget about me. I was there first after all. Plus when I am going out with someone I pay more attention to my friends. Anyways in other news my Best friend Ashley her boyfriend broke up with her. It’s sad but I think there is a plan behind it. Tomorrow we got school sucks but I want to see my friends again. Plus I have to give Michael his memory card for his phone back. What else can I put in here? My cousin cut her leg pretty bad. This is how it happened. She was ridding one of our horses and she tried to go in between this fence and metal box thing that’s out by the road and it sliced her leg open. Her skin and meat and stuff is hanging off the thing that cut her if it’s still there tomorrow I will attempt to put pictures on here. Art, Kyle, and me were in town doing stuff like looking at shock magazine at Alco. When we were going up there we though we saw y aunt’s car go by then we saw an ambulance and firetruck and kelsie was in the ambulance. So we called my mom and she came and got is and told us that Kelsie was in the ER. So yep there is the story.

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