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Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2006 by Phillip Werner

I went to Cat’s today. We hung out with josh. We got a new car it is a 2006 Chrysler Seabring Convertible. We rode in Josh’s car in Cat’s backyard. We went around in circles around her barn. We went to McDonalds we got good food. We rolled Josh’s car down her drive way and rode it. Before Josh got to Cat’s we as in me and Cat hung out in her dad’s 1984 blue ford truck. It kicked ass. We listened to ganster rap in it. Cat’s dad had me start it up. Josh had to go home because his mom is mean. So me and Cat hung out and then we went to movie gallery and she got games. We went back to Cat’s and played games and ate chips and hot cheetos and McDonalds french fries with hot sauce. I went on Cat’s laptop and played Dragon Court. Nextar called and they are going to send me a new mp3 player in a few days. I am going to get a new cell phone friday. It’s a camera phone its cool. I hope it has a ringtone maker on it.


Kick Ass Dream

Posted in Friends, Funny, Interesting things., People, Places on October 4, 2006 by Phillip Werner

I had a kick ass dream last night. Okay so me and Cat went to some old lady’s house and she gave us a frying pan. We wove the frying pan over stuff in here house and stuff that was dead there showed up. Then we went out front and there was a lake and I had a bow and arrows so i was shooting them. Cat said let me see an arrow I’m going to shoot them with this and she pulls out a shot gun. I take then gun and give her the bow and arrows. Then a lot of famous super people that save the world come to the old lady’s house. Then we are in the forest and Xena is telling us about someone trying to attack us so we make a plan. I find a bone that turns red when I touch it and Xena then says its not a person we are fighting its the devils minions. Someone then says their fetons. So I am swinging around on a vine and I see one come out a vent. I swing in front of it and notice its really small. Then it shoots a fireball at me that is huge. I dodge it and i land on my face in front of him and he shoots fire from his mouth. I jump up and avoid it then I kill him. I start swinging again and see more but they are just dogs and then i woke up and had to go to school.

Spongebob Video

Posted in Funny, Interesting things. on October 1, 2006 by Phillip Werner

Flying Dutchman kidnaps spongebob and Patrick and make them his crew. This is a clip of there howl. FUNNY AS HELL

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