I went to Cat’s today. We hung out with josh. We got a new car it is a 2006 Chrysler Seabring Convertible. We rode in Josh’s car in Cat’s backyard. We went around in circles around her barn. We went to McDonalds we got good food. We rolled Josh’s car down her drive way and rode it. Before Josh got to Cat’s we as in me and Cat hung out in her dad’s 1984 blue ford truck. It kicked ass. We listened to ganster rap in it. Cat’s dad had me start it up. Josh had to go home because his mom is mean. So me and Cat hung out and then we went to movie gallery and she got games. We went back to Cat’s and played games and ate chips and hot cheetos and McDonalds french fries with hot sauce. I went on Cat’s laptop and played Dragon Court. Nextar called and they are going to send me a new mp3 player in a few days. I am going to get a new cell phone friday. It’s a camera phone its cool. I hope it has a ringtone maker on it.


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