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Not much

Posted in Friends, Movies, People, Places on September 28, 2007 by Phillip Werner

There isn’t that much going on to blog about. Cat and I have been walking every other day. Um Cat, Ashley, and I are going to see a movie today. It’s Mr. Woodcock. Should be good. I’m taking German and I’m doing pretty good in it. I wish it was Tuesday or Wednesday so that way I could watch the new episode of Beauty and the Geek, House, and America’s Next Top Model.


Oh my Jesus

Posted in Friends, Interesting things., People, Places on September 24, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Today was boring. All math, I had to learn about insurance. But other than that the school is now trying to bribe us to go to school. If you go 20 hours then you get $100 if you go the 20 hours a week for 10 weeks. Then it goes 15 hours get $75 10 get $50 and 5 get $25. Hey that’s an easy $50 for me. Justin is going to come over so he can borrow my laptop. Cat and I have decided to start walking/jogging/running/hiking every other day at 6 pm. So today we are going to get something to eat and then go to Copper Canyon and hike to the waterfall we found. I am now in taxes in math. I say why have do your own taxes. Have someone else do it! I mean that is why god invented accountants.

Humpty Dumpty

Posted in Friends, Interesting things., Movies, People, Places on September 21, 2007 by Phillip Werner

So today I am going to pick Ashley Reay up from her job and we are going to see a movie. So after I pick her up we are going to take Kari to her grandparents house and we are going to go up to Prescott. After the movie we are going to go back to my house and she is going to stay the night. Then tomorrow we are going to go to her grandparents and go swimming and then Kari and Ashley are going to stay the night.

Yep yep yep

Posted in Friends, Funny, Games, Interesting things., People on September 19, 2007 by Phillip Werner

I went to school today. It sucked. I had to learn about the z-score. What the fuck it is I have no idea. The teacher couldn’t even do it so she just skipped the lessons. At the last hour we just talked about stupid stuff. Right now I am talking to Ariel. A fun game is Outspark’s fiesta. I love it. Right now Ariel is yelling at her sister. She is saying if she doesn’t shut up she is going to kill her. Her sister is crying for her mommy. Ariel said “No one fucking cares if you want mommy!”. She doesn’t like her sister. Her sister has a weird ass name. I think it is Zatana.


Posted in Friends, Funny, Interesting things., People, Places on September 16, 2007 by Phillip Werner

     Yesterday Cat and I went and got Ashley Reay at the skate park. We drove around and went to Starbucks and got drinks and then she called Herbert and we went to the skate park and got him. We went to Cat’s house and they got to see her kitty. After that it was time to take Ashley home well we drove to Cottonwood and we didn’t really take her home, we went to the golf course and laid on the golf course. We heard cops coming so we hurried up and left so we went to a small park somewhere else. Cat and I went outside of the car and ate our food.

After that we went to the swings. We haven’t swung in a long time. It felt so nice to swing again. After that we went to the car and tried to catch Ashley and Herbert doing something but they weren’t. So then we took Ashley home and we went to drive Herbert home. He was telling us about a sign that said “Now entering Prescott”. We told him it probably said entering Prescott National forest. So we took the highway and we showed him that it said Now Entering Prescott National forest. Then we took him home and I took Cat home.

8 hours

Posted in Friends, Interesting things., People, Places on September 14, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Well I decided to go with Josh yesterday out to ceder flats. Well we were supposed to come out on Stoneman Lake road but first we took a wrong turn because of the stupid red necks. Then it started to get dark and Josh and I still thought we were going to come out by Stoneman Lake, but no we come out by Mormon Lake. It is the most boring place ever. Then after that I found out we were in Flagstaff. Which is like 40 miles from Stoneman Lake. So we left about 3pm and got back to my house at 11pm. Wasn’t that fun. Thanks the gods I brought my iPod.


Posted in Uncategorized on September 13, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Today we put a passenger seat in his truck and I cleaned it so now it actually looks like a car. I really didn’t do all that much today. Pam Anderson has a new boyfriend. It’s Rick Solomon, who stared in Paris Hilton’s porno! Very exciting I know. Tomorrow I am going to ceder flats. Where that is I don’t think anyone knows. But yes it shall be oh so fun.