Upper GI

Well I went to the hospital this morning to get a x-ray from the inside of my stomach. I had to wear one of those hospital gowns but I got to wear my clothes underneath them. They put me in front of this weird looking thing and had me take some really fizzy stuff that makes you want to burp but they said you can’t burp. After that the doctor turned on the machine and it showed my insides. After awhile he have me this cup full of this thick stuff. It looked like cake batter but thicker.

He told me to drink that and it made my stomach more visible on the screen. I sat there for like 20 minutes on this table that moves and looked all over my stomach. He said he didn’t see an ulcer but there was some inflammation. So now I am assuming that I can go back to eating things I couldn’t. But I still have to go back to the doctor and find out what is wrong with me. The stomach aches aren’t as bad but the headaches are getting worse and more frequent.


2 Responses to “Upper GI”

  1. Well, at least you can eat yummy food again!

  2. Привет! Видел твой блог давно не работал, а теперь смотрю пашет 24\7\365 🙂 с возвращением, кстати не подскажешь что это у тебя за хостинг?
    Спасибо, надеюсь ответишь 🙂

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