Yesterday Cat and I went and got Ashley Reay at the skate park. We drove around and went to Starbucks and got drinks and then she called Herbert and we went to the skate park and got him. We went to Cat’s house and they got to see her kitty. After that it was time to take Ashley home well we drove to Cottonwood and we didn’t really take her home, we went to the golf course and laid on the golf course. We heard cops coming so we hurried up and left so we went to a small park somewhere else. Cat and I went outside of the car and ate our food.

After that we went to the swings. We haven’t swung in a long time. It felt so nice to swing again. After that we went to the car and tried to catch Ashley and Herbert doing something but they weren’t. So then we took Ashley home and we went to drive Herbert home. He was telling us about a sign that said “Now entering Prescott”. We told him it probably said entering Prescott National forest. So we took the highway and we showed him that it said Now Entering Prescott National forest. Then we took him home and I took Cat home.


2 Responses to “Ashley”

  1. Very cool looking blog. I’m glad you’re blogging again. The theme is really cool.

  2. hehehe… those were good times!! now I am knocked up! oh well I will get someone to watch the little one someday and we will have to go to the park… secret agent style lol. I love and miss ya!!

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