Oh my Jesus

Today was boring. All math, I had to learn about insurance. But other than that the school is now trying to bribe us to go to school. If you go 20 hours then you get $100 if you go the 20 hours a week for 10 weeks. Then it goes 15 hours get $75 10 get $50 and 5 get $25. Hey that’s an easy $50 for me. Justin is going to come over so he can borrow my laptop. Cat and I have decided to start walking/jogging/running/hiking every other day at 6 pm. So today we are going to get something to eat and then go to Copper Canyon and hike to the waterfall we found. I am now in taxes in math. I say why have do your own taxes. Have someone else do it! I mean that is why god invented accountants.


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