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Not much

Posted in Friends, Places, School on October 30, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Not much is going on. Saturday I went to Phoenix to go to the Arrowhead Mall for my friend Malina’s birthday. That was my first time driving in Phoenix. It was pretty fun. We went throughout the whole mall. I got really tired. We have AIMS testing this week. I only have to take the writing part of the test. Which means I can sleep in until 12 on Wednesday.



Posted in Computer Related Stuff, Friends on October 22, 2007 by Phillip Werner

I video chatted with Cat. I am on Internet phone with her right now too. Yep life isn’t very exciting.


Posted in Interesting things. on October 19, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Why has life been so boring lately? I mean hardly anyone blogs. Well today I got a new class, it’s called street law. You have to take it to be able to take the forensic science. I’d rather take psychology but hey forensic science seems cool too.


Posted in Friends, Funny on October 16, 2007 by Phillip Werner

“I need to feed the baby, so I will call you back.”


What I remember

Posted in Friends, Funny, Interesting things., People, Places on October 16, 2007 by Phillip Werner

Okay this is what I remember from the party. First we got to Bobbi and Billy’s about 12:30am. We talked and found out we had to bring our own alcohol so Ashley pulled out $40. She called people she knew that were 21 but no one answered. So I called my mom and asked her if she would buy some for us and she said she would. So we went to my house and around 2am she came back with a ton of alcohol. We had 5 six packs of Bacardi Silver. I also took my huge thing of wine and a full bottle of spiced rum. We went back to the party and we started drinking. Around like 2:15am Cat’s mom called her and said she wanted her home. After about 2 bottles Cat was drunk and Herbert took her home. I talked to Um and she said she hated cigarettes so I made her my new best friend. I also talked to Dick and I said he was my new best friend because he knew what I was talking about but I don’t know what I was talking about. So I stayed down stairs because the stairs are evil in that barn. I hung out with Um and Bobbi. I went though about 6 bottles of Bacardi. Um said I should take a shot of straight rum, so I grabbed the bottle and just drank. I drank enough to make about 4 or 5 shots plus I had 2 shots of Jack. So after all that Um said she was going to sleep around 4 because she had to call her work to tell them she couldn’t make it. I got up and went to the bathroom and puked 2 times. I went and laid on the other couch and just sat there. I think it was like 5am and Ashley came down stairs and said “Phillip, help me to the bathroom.” She had to pass the bathroom to come tell me that. I was just like fuck you I am not getting up. I told Cory to help her to the bathroom and she just kept falling. It probably didn’t help that Cory was drunk too. I looked back at her and Cory and Billy were both pulling her to the bathroom. Around 5:30am Herbert came down stairs and said “Come on you guys it’s time to go.” So we got up and left the barn. Ashley was so drunk that Herbert had to carry her to the car. We got out in front of the barn and I said “Wait, I need to sit down.” I sat on a bench and then got up and started to go to the car when I puked another 5 times. By the way my puke wasn’t that bad. It tasted like green apples. We got in the car and Herbert drove us to my house. We walked in and I just took off all my clothes except my underwear and just fell on the bed. Ashley laid down next to me and Herbert took off her costume and we slept in our underwear. She told Herbert to put the trashcan next to her so that she could puke if she needed to. But then she told him to lay down with her. The next day we slept until 1pm. We felt so sick. That is about all I can remember.

This weekend

Posted in Friends, Funny, Games, People, Places on October 15, 2007 by Phillip Werner

This weekend was awesome. It was Fort Verde Days’ weekend. Fort Verde Days is when we have a parade and a fair to celebrate some crap. But anyway it was also Bobbi’s birthday party. So Cat, Ashley R, Herbert and I went to the mall and bought Halloween costumes. I am going to be a Hugh Heffner type person, Ashley is going to be a slutty Alice in Wonderland person, and Cat is going to be a slutty Cat. So about $300 later we went to Bobbi’s birthday and we hung out there for awhile and then called my mom too see if she would buy us some alcohol, which she did. So around 2am we went back to Bobbi’s and we got so drunk. Everyone except Herbert. Cat left us at like 3 and Ashley, Herbert, and I stayed there until 6am. I puked so many times but I had fun. Today Cat and I went to the fair but it had already closed so we just went to the gas station and bought ice cream and pizza.


Posted in Friends, People, Places on October 11, 2007 by Phillip Werner

I am going to Cottonwood to go see Ashley Reay. We are going to cash her check and go get her nose pierced. Tomorrow I have to go to school because I felt sick this morning. My rooms is really dirty. Just thought you should know. I feel sorry for James because his house keeps on flooding. I would just say get a new house. I love getting new houses. Well I am going to leave to Cottonwood right now so yeah.