Been a While

It’s been a while since I blogged so here I am. Let’s start with last Friday night. I went to a party for my friends 18th birthday. We stayed out there for a long time drinking. At about 3am we left and went to my other friend Bobbi’s. We hung out there and stayed up until about 6am. I woke up sometime not being able to breath. Had no clue what that was about so I just went back to sleep. We hung out pretty much all day then went back to my house and slept. The next day we went back out there and my truck caught on fire. The battery fell into the fan belt and sparked and caught some plastic on fire. So we all just jumped out of the car and some of the rednecks came and helped us. So after we waited for Bobbi to go  get her truck we went back home but we took the Cornville way. It’s a good thing we did take that way because 8 people got arrested, although I could have blown and not gotten any alcohol levels. Then the day after that, Monday, we went back to Bobbi’s and hung out there and got pizza. We then went to the casino and played dance dance revolution. We also found out Bobbi will have a gambling problem. She played this one game forever and spent about $5 on it. Then we left there and I found out I can’t drive my truck at night because when I turn on the lights it starts melting plastic. So now my truck is like a fire danger. That is about all we did this weekend.

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