Oh noes!

Well Thursday night Ashley, Bobbi, Sierra, and I went to Bobbi’s. First I brought a lot of alcohol. Bobbi, Ashley, Sierra, and I decided to go to this party spot we call the circle and spent sometime out there. After we got back we decided to go sit in Ashley’s car and listen to music. Bobbi told me I should go in the house and get the alcohol all secret agent style. So I went in the house and only got caught by two people. I got 10 different bottles of stuff. So we get in the car and start drinking. Ashley didn’t drink because she was on pills. Ashley said let’s go for a drive so we drove around Bobbi’s neighborhood. Ashley wanted to go fast so we told her to go to Saltmine. So Bobbi and I switched seats so we didn’t get in trouble. We drove to Saltmine and went fast. After a while we went to the bathroom and danced and sang. After that we decided to go home. We were almost to Bobbi’s and a cop pulled us over for having our brights on. We all acted sober and told him the same story. He told us to get out of the car and he found two bottles of alcohol. He asked why we had them and we told him because Ashley’s sister uses the car too. He just took the alcohol and let us go. So yes scary and fun.


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  1. ahahahaahah thts hilarious [[:

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